Monday, October 19, 2015

Week 67 - October 19, 2015

Just a selfie for the world

Our apartment 

My CTR ring suffered an upgrade (thank you bleach)...

One of the neighborhoods that is part of our area

A view of our area

Dear Family & Friends,

So this week was pretty similar to last week. We did a whole lot of contacting and knocking on doors. We did find some new people to start teaching and the work is getting a little better. It has been fun and interesting getting to train and open this area. I’ve sure learned a lot and stretched myself to new lengths.

The members here have helped us out a ton and we are super stoked to be here in this area. Our cell phone is STILL broken so that it making it very difficult to call investigators, members, the President, etc. So that is something that I’ve had to exercise a lot of patience with for sure!

I did make some microwave chocolate cake this week and it turned out SO GOOD! You’d be proud of me mom! I have definitely explored some of my unknown talents these days haha! 

My new comp, Elder Peterson, is doing awesome too. He is practically fluent (considering he took five years of Spanish and has the gift of tongues)!

That is all for now I guess! Tchau!

Elder Buck

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