Monday, May 11, 2015

Week 44 - May 11, 2015


Me and Dos Anjos


So yeah yesterday was a lot better than the Christmas call, WOW hahaha. I only cried a little bit this time! It was super good to see your faces and hear your voices; it’s been too long. I didn’t even feel super trunky afterward, so that was cool!  It was really good to talk to Skylar. I hope she is doing well and hope she knows how happy and grateful I am to be her brother. 

I can feel myself changing and its not a small change, it’s a big one. I realized at home I had a testimony, but it was so weak. I can honestly say I know exactly was it feels like to have that "burning" testimony. It is so real and so TRUE!  But I love you all and hope you know that when we are doing what the Lord asks of us, those are the things that make the difference!

Elder Buck

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