Monday, May 4, 2015

Week 43 - May 4, 2015

I like it here!

Well this week was mostly just updating the area book and visiting people I don’t know very well, but it was a good one! I learned out here that if someone has fallen away from the church or decided to quit going, it is most likely because that person lacks a testimony of the Restoration. Or doesn’t fully understand the Restoration. At home I had a testimony, but it was super weak. Now I know with an absolute certainty that these things are true! It has to be! It just makes so much sense! Look to understand more fully the restoration, it makes a difference. 

Cool Thing: Me and Elder Dos Anjos took a ton of time out of one of our days to organize and update the area book and there were a lot of lost investigators and less active members there. So that was awesome.

Funny Thing: This ward hasn’t had an American missionary for a while and the whole week I’ve been telling people I’m from the Bahia and everyone believes me hahaha. Good times. The members either get a really good laugh out of it or they just get kind of confused.

Interesting Character: My companion: Elder dos Anjos. He reminds me so much of Skylar its ridiculous. For example one time he got super mad for some reason and started mumbling to himself and said, "I just want to punch a wall so bad right now but won’t because it’ll hurt my hand!" And then he just kind of sat on his bed and didn’t talk for a little bit hahaha. He’s a funny kid!

Weekly Difficulty: So I thought my last areas were huge but they were super small compared to this one I am in right now. I guess it’s the largest area of the two zones of Joinville.... It is so massive. We have walked so much!

Weekly Triumph: A member gave me a sick tie yesterday (see pictures)

Spiritual Experience: So my companion has been super frustrated this whole week because of the other pair of missionaries that are living with us. It’s been kind of a mess in this area but he was super frustrated and it was something I could just see. In my last area I also got a little frustrated about something that one of the Elders did and just sat in a chair for a while to think. One of the Elders in the house approached me and said, "You alright?" I said I was fine but just a little angry. He said to me after, "you know what makes me feel better and happier?....serving. Another Elder is not feeling very good and needs a blessing, will you come help?" I said yes and we gave him a blessing and I felt so much better. So with my companion I’ve just had a thought that blessing participated in helped me out A LOT, so maybe something like that would help him. Then I was thinking to myself, well do you even really need a blessing? Then at the moment I said to myself no, but I continued thinking and the last time I had received any blessing or had anyone lay their hands on my head was when I was set apart as a missionary. I have often needed a blessing from one of my companions but always ignored the thought. So I asked Dos Anjos to give me a blessing and it was one of the most inspired blessings I have received . And It just changed our whole workflow and attitudes, and I can feel the Spirit so much more when we teach, plan, pray, study, everything. It was super cool. The Priesthood is real!

Scripture: 1 Nephi 1:1

Eu amo vocês!!

Elder Buck
I know what happened to the am pm next to our house. It's here in Joinville!

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