Monday, July 20, 2015

Week 54, July 20, 2015

Drawn by an Elder in my last district...haha

Cool Thing: I have a new companion and he’s pretty sweet! He’s Brazilian and works super hard and has a lot of energy. It’s been a good change!

My new companion: Elder Coelho

Interesting Character: Roberto. Elder Coelho and I were waiting at the bus stop and a random guy pulled up to give us a ride to the bus terminal (this was probably not the smartest thing but he was old and alone so....) we accepted and hopped in. We talked with this guy and he was a super gospel preacher guy and he was pretty hilarious. And he dropped us off and everything turned out fine. HaHa

Funny Thing: Elder Coelho and I were going to get the Book of Mormon from one of the Haitians we have been teaching, because he wasn’t really progressing (we cant "give" people books we let them "borrow" the books). It turns out he actually started reading the Book of Mormon and has been reading about Nephi and everything. It’s awesome! So he still has the book.

Weekly Triumph: We have received a bunch of referrals lately, which is super not normal so that was cool!

Weekly Difficulty: The referrals happen to live on the other side of the universe.

Spiritual Experience: We were talking to this guy (Luis) in front of his house this week and he was telling us how he doesn’t really believe in God and stuff and Elder Coelho bore one of the most powerful testimonies about the reality of the Savior and his ministry and how He actually lives and guides His church today though the living prophets. I got the chills so bad it was awesome!

Welp that’s all for now but hope you all have a great week! Tchau!

Elder Buck

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