Monday, July 6, 2015

Week 52 - July 6, 2015

Thank you all for your love and support!

Hellooo friends and family!

Cool Thing: Elder dos Anjos and I had the opportunity to participate in the CTR class this Sunday and bear our testimonies and draw pictures and stuff this week! Those little children are so cool! And one of their names is Néfi! 

Funny Thing: We taught an older lady this week from a different church and she was super pumped when it came to saying prayers! We offered the first prayer and asked her if she would like to say the closing prayer. Before she started, she told us to throw our hands in the air to praise God and stuff and she said a super colorful prayer....hahaha

Weekly Triumph: one of our other investigators, Anitta, read the Book of Mormon and thought it was cool! She is golden!

Weekly Difficulty: I nearly freeze to death every night because it is so flipping cold. (The cold and I don’t do well together...) 

Interesting Characters: IRLAN & RITA... So Elder dos Anjos and I were waiting for our bus at the terminal to go home and there was a guy there who started a "conversation" with us (he had been drinking). Later on in the discussion we found out that he was actually baptized in our church 3 years ago. The bus arrived and we hopped on and I continued talking with him. Elder dos Anjos sat down next to this lady and she was not anyone dos Anjos or I knew.... She started talking with dos Anjos while I was talking to Irlan and later we came to find out that she was actually baptized in our church and was inactive too. It was kind of weird situation, but looks like we have 2 more people to visit!

Spiritual Experience: When dos Anjos and I got to participate with the little ones in the CTR class, I felt such a peace and sweet spirit radiating form those little kids. The teacher asked them if they would want to serve a missions like us and they all said yes with so much enthusiasm and I seriously wanted to cry. It was so awesome to see that they all had testimonies at such a young age! That made my whole week!

Scripture: Psalms 118: 24

That’s all for now! ‘till next week! Tchau!

Elder Buck 

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