Monday, December 21, 2015

Week 76 - December 21, 2015


Well our week here in São Francisco was pretty wild but on the bright side we had a really good time and got some stuff done! 

Well starting out with investigators... There aren’t very many YET, but we have one named Patricia and she’s not progressing very much anymore so we are mostly working with her to help her to get an answer about the Book of Mormon. She is coming along slowly. We also have been teaching a family who looked pretty elect, but we came to find out that they do drugs and steal, and beat their kids and stuff so... Jesus is really going have to help us out with those guys. We actually found a couple this week that are AWESOME! They are from outside the state of Santa Catarina and just recently got married, don’t have addictions of any kind, and are looking for a church to attend. They are really good listeners and have a ton of potential to be really awesome members! 

As for exciting things that happened during the week, we had our Christmas Conference with three zones from our mission (Joinville Norte, Joinville Sul, and Itajaí). I had a really great time being able to play a little bit and rest my mind for a day haha. Elder Peterson (the rock), me, Elder Oldroyd, and Elder Berquist (the Sons of Thunder) or formerly known as the Singers of Solomon, sang a special musical number for the 3 zones. We killed it! I’m pretty sure I saw some sisters tear up or something, I don’t know! And I would like to give a big shout out to the families that sent me boxes and Christmas cards; it really made this Christmas conference a special one!

And for those of you out there that don’t believe in Christmas miracles, I’d like to tell what happened on Sunday. So Elder Peterson and I went to church yesterday (after thoughtfully bringing ALL of the plastic containers and plates that were in our house for the sisters to reclaim) and went to Priesthood opening exercises. As I was sitting there, along with the 4 other brothers and elder, I look to the back of the room and there walking in was Vilmar from Itajaí. The same Vilmar that my former companion (Elder Cordeiro) and I baptized about 10 months ago. I stood up and gave him a big ‘ol hug and asked him briefly why he was there and he simply drove almost 2 hours just to visit me. Since I had left his son Vitor had been baptized, they both have received the priesthood, and their family has been preparing to go to the temple. They have been super firm! It was one of the happiest days of my entire mission!

That’s all for this week, love you guys!

Elder Buck

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