Monday, December 28, 2015

Week 77 - December 28, 2016

After the Skype session with the family...

Our giant cheeseburger on Christmas Day!

Making sock "snowmen"...

Well there was a lot of build up for Christmas (as always) so the "crash” is always a little rough, but anyways...

Starting with investigators... our only really "solid" investigator quit on us and doesn’t want to keep trying to do the right things because it is too much for her at the moment or something. She runs away into the forest behind her house every time we stop by so...*snip!* As for others, we found some more people to start sharing the gospel with and they were pretty receptive and are willing to listen! So that’s exciting! As for the less active reactivation movement in the branch, it is going well! We had a whole less active family show up to church yesterday, of which one of the sons is an ex-convict...but the church is just a big hospital right?! 

As for exciting things that happened, I totally got to Skype the family and let me just say, I got the best dang family that ever existed! So that was fun, and I also got a couple new ties and socks from Santa Clause so that was neat too! We ordered a giant hamburger to commemorate for an equivalent of $14 dollars. It was so good!

We had a good week though and we are exercising our faith a lot and trying to make the best of the time that we have out here. Maybe the work isn’t the easiest all the time, but it sure is good when you see the gospel work magic in families and changes in the hearts of the people. The book is blue!


Elder Buck

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