Monday, May 9, 2016

Week 96 - May 9, 2016

Winter in Brasil!

Outside the temple *cough cough...sorry I meant the chapel

FROZONE IS IN OUR MISSION!!! oh wait thats just Riberão Preto (Elder Ribeiro)

My grandpa!!!!

So this week was really good! We traveled quite a bit to our zone meetings and slept over at the zone leaders house again so that was basically awful. Hahaha The training that we received was good though; we talked about the role of the Spirit in conversion. We learned a lot!

We have some investigators we are teaching now that are showing a bit of interest, which is way cool. I don’t know if they are going to follow though with certain commitments, but it’s good to be teaching. We have a little girl that we are teaching who is the daughter of a member here and looks like shell be making the commitment soon to get baptized.

I forgot to tell everyone last week that we did a split in the other area in our district and it was freezing there. Literally. hahaha. I think its pretty rare for Brazil temperatures to go down to 32 degrees but it did and we about froze to death. I’m going die when I go home. And on top of everything, while we were there, I met my grandpa in the mission (or in other words, my trainers trainer)! He is a pretty cool guy, now I know where I get it! ;)

But everything is good with us here. I hope you all have a great week! Tchau!

Elder Buck

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