Monday, December 22, 2014

Week 24 - December 22, 2014

A family from the branch in Biguaçu.

Our investigators Lucia and Guilherme.

Elder Magalhães and I before leaving Biguaçu!

Welp…it’s been a really awesome week. I love my companion and my new area. It is WAY different here. First, it’s a ward. YIPPIE! Not a branch. And second, we teach so much here, it’s the best! It is not that I don’t like doing contacts or anything.... but teaching is awesome.

Cool thing: Its ALMOST NATAL!!! The ward members gave all of the missionaries in the ward Christmas baskets with a ton of food and candy in it so that was dope. And my companion is American, so I’ll be brushed up on my English a bit before talking to y’all!

Interesting Character: The Pastor guy. We totally had a lesson with a pastor of a church and his friends so that was cool. I’ll be talking a little bit about that in the call...

Weekly difficulty: The house is disgusting so that’s just great...

Spiritual Experience: Well there was a ton this week. We have been teaching a Christmas lesson for all of our investigators and the people we meet and using the “He Is The Gift” video thing. That has been awesome. We have a bunch of investigators and a lot of people who seem genuinely interested in hearing about the church. That video is super powerful and super cool! But yeah the work is so much different here. 

Scripture of the week: Lucas 2 :)

Well that’s really all I have time to write about this week, but I love you all and hope you have a very Merry Christmas! Tchau!

Elder Buck

A member here has a parakeet - so that was fun...

Hey...and Feliz Natal! 

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