Monday, December 1, 2014

Week 21 - December 1, 2014

Look who I found at Zone Conference....

The Weeks are Staring to Fly…

Cool Thing: We had zone conference this week but this time with a General Authority. Claudio R.M. Costa is truly a man called of God, I have no doubt in my mind! So that was cool.

Interesting Character: Drunk Guy. There is this guy who walks around the center of Biguaçu looking for shoes to shine. This week he was walking around completely hammered, totally fell over and hit his head on a parked car, and cut up his hands and elbows. Elder Magalhães and I helped him up and stuff and this man was kinda gross. I touched his armpit.

Weekly Difficulty: I got my first in-grown toenail in my life this week so that was a treat...

Spiritual Experience: Last week I had made an appointment to visit a family who the other Elders had been teaching but kind of stopped teaching because none of them were making any real progress. So... Elder and I taught Lucia (mom) and Guilerme (son) about the Holy Ghost. She had explained to us a little about why she didn’t make a commitment to get baptized and it was partly because she felt like she was being forced to do something she wasn’t ready for yet...(sounds familiar). So we began teaching a little about the Holy Ghost and stuff and Elder asked, "Do you remember a time when you were just the happiest you’ve ever been? A time when you were just so happy you could hardly contain yourself?" He asked Guilerme and as he was thinking, Lucia started crying (first of all, Lucia is the type of person you would never see crying. She got in a ton of school fights and stuff when she was younger, She smokes, pretty intense personality, etc...) Guilerme said, "I’m trying to think but nothing is coming to mind..." After he said this, Lucia said, "I can. When you saw your brother." He broke down in tears (a 14 year old boy breaking down in tears is not very normal) I don’t really know the whole story behind the brother thing but that’s not the point! We explained a little about some of the fruits of the Holy Ghost and it was a moment when you just know for a fact that they felt the Spirit and things just make sense in their head. It is beautiful!

Scripture of the Week: Matthew 17:14-21. It talks a little bit about faith and there is a part that I found kind of funny in verse 20...Its good!

Love you all and hope you have another good week! Tchau!

-Elder Buck

On top of the world...

My level of animation at this moment is just off the charts.

It's that time of the year!

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