Monday, January 5, 2015

Week 26 - January 5, 2015

What did I get for New Years? America.

Welp folks, It’s officially been 6 months. That’s weird! But here we go with the week....

Cool thing: New Years Eve! We got to spend time with our bishop and eat a lot of food and stuff it was fantastic. And new years day, we weren’t allowed to go outside so we had our own barbeque and it was awesome. We cook meat so good! Matt would be so proud! (Don’t leave raw meat in the trash can, it stinks really bad after a couple of days...) But on top of that, there were fireworks going off the ENTIRE NIGHT and it was really annoying but cool! I missed home a lot on that day!

Funny thing: Elder Burton and I were on the public bus going to the center for a district meeting and I was sitting down and for some reason he was standing up. He was holding on to one of the railings above his head and he said he kind of zoned out for a little bit, but he totally did a “George of the Jungle” swing on the bus when a sharp turn was made. So if y’all can imagine a little missionary guy a little shorter than me swinging into the bus doors in the moment a sharp turn was made, you would know that it looked really hilarious and really embarrassing. It was a good laugh I had!

Weekly difficulty: Elder Burton and I were teaching a lesson outside this old lady’s house and in the middle of me talking about how Jesus suffered for our sins and through Him we can return back to the presence of our Heavenly Father, Her little Chihuahua decided to pee on my shoe.... and my pants.... and my sock.... I wanted to kick that dog so bad. But regardless of the dog peeing on me the Spirit still testified of the truth! And it rained really hard that night and because we don’t have umbrellas Elder Burton and I got absolutely drenched. We decided to jump in some giant puddles and I jumped in one and totally wrecked my ankle...

Scripture: Luke 2:42... With the whole New Years thing, we should be making our goals, but this scripture is a good guide to know what kind of goals. It’s a good one!

Spiritual Experience: So I forgot to tell about this last week, but I helped with my first confirmation in the mission! Its a weird story but there was a lady who Elder Burton and his other companion baptized, but didn’t get confirmed until 2 weeks after I showed up here so that was cool. Elder Burton did the blessing, but it was in front of a lot of people because 2 wards from this stake had to do sacrament together, but it was super cool experience! We have also had some really great lessons with some very cool people this week so that was awesome as well!

Hope you all have a great week! Tchau

Elder Buck

The BQ we did in our house...

What we use to mop the house...

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