Monday, January 26, 2015

Week 29 - January 26, 2015


It was a fantastic and busy week so I will try to sum it up the best I can with the time I have!

Cool Thing: So the other Elders we are living with had a Baptism this week which was super cool! They baptized a 14-year-old kid named Artur. It is so awesome to see these young guys accepting the gospel!

Interesting Character: GRACIELA. So we were walking down the street this week and a lady walking behind us called for us and we talked with her. We found out she is like 50 from Uruguay, works for a traveling Circus (which just so happens to be in Itajaí), and she’s a member. We totally got her a ride to church this Sunday and everything it was cool. She is too old now but she used to be a trapeze cool! And her mom used to work with three different elephants. Yeah so that was awesome!

Weekly Difficulty: Something smells like it died in our house.

Spiritual Experience: So a big problem in our ward is how "difficult" it is to go to church on Sundays because the chapel is so far away. There are a lot of people who have just simply stopped going because of it. We have a chapel that has been built a lot closer to where everyone lives and the thing is that everyone will begin going to church again when this other chapel opens up. So what the bishop decided to do (he’s a really cool guy) is to do a ward fast for the chapel to open, or get approved. We fasted on Saturday to Sunday and during church he totally announced that the church will be opening in a few weeks. THE CHURCH IS TRUE Y’ALL! Oh and another experience this week was that our oven has had a lot of problems lighting and stuff lately. Elder Burton made banana bread this week and tried to light the oven and it didn’t work...I then proceeded to say, "Elder, did you even pray?" And at that moment we both said personal prayers asking that the stove work and the first time he tried after the prayer, it lit. I know I got chills too! And as fake as that story sounds, its totally true hahaha! God really does answer prayers!

Well that’s it for this week, love you all!

Elder Buck

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