Monday, June 8, 2015

Week 48 - June 8, 2015


Cool Thing: We are officially teaching some Haitians so that’s cool! They are hard to understand but are reading the Book of Mormon we gave them in French! I got super pumped to do street contacts this week and it worked out because we have a bunch of people lined up to teach here soon!

Funny Thing: I started teaching English for the whole district (3 elders and 2 sisters). It’s been a good time and thanks to Franklin South Spalding I’ve been able to explain almost everything…but seriously English is a really weird language! :)

Interesting Character: Old Guy on Bike. So elder and I sat down to look at our map to find a road and this old guy with his bike rolled up and started talking with me. I quickly realized that he had some kind of disability like maybe autism, so I made room for him to sit next to me on the bench we were sitting on. He just started talking about God and how God talks with him and stuff and so I just started talking about his family. He told me that nobody visits him and how he missed his dad and stuff. I didn’t understand a lot of what he said but I just listened. He was super awesome! I talked with him for like 30 minutes because one of our appointments fell through. The mission has changed me so much!

Weekly Triumph: One of the sisters made special planners for all of the elders in our district this week that was cool!

Weekly Difficulty: I did a contact with these two teenage girls who were seated at a bus stop and I stuck out my hand to be polite and introduce myself and they kind of just looked at my hand with disgust and wouldn’t shake it. Wow. That made my blood pressure go up a little bit! Heh.

Spiritual Experience: I did a contact with this guy on the street yesterday and went to shake his hand and he did the same exact thing as the two girls I mentioned, but then he said "speak". So I induced myself and Dos Anjos and he started saying a bunch of stuff about how he follows God and not a church and he said if we had a message (invitation to go to church) we could leave it with him. So instead of giving him an invite to church I took out the Book of Mormon and left a message with him in Alma 38. I talked about a person who was truly good and without guile. Then I was able to bear one of the most powerful testimonies I have ever born in my life and I KNOW that he felt the Spirit cause I felt it! It was awesome!

Scripture: Alma 38

But that’s all for this week! Tchau!

Elder Bailey Buck
Brasil knows how to make pastries

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