Monday, June 22, 2015

Week 50 - June 22, 2015

A butterfly...

Cool Thing: Stake conference was this week and President gave a fantastic talk on the Book of Mormon. I still know he is a man called of God. Also, we are about to start teaching Portuguese to the Haitians in our area so that will be interesting! And one of the Haitians we have been teaching, read and prayed about the Book of Mormon and he knows its true!

Funny Thing: We had lunch with one of the members this week and he had a blast telling me that 9/11 was not a terrorist attack, but the government. I just told him to pray about it and God would give him an answer! Hahaha

Weekly Triumph: A member gave a referral this week!

Weekly difficulty: We waked on the dirt roads like the entire week.

Spiritual experience: We walked halfway across the universe to get to the house of the referral that one of the members gave and when we got there we shared a message about the Book of Mormon. She later explained that she has everything she could ever want in her life, family, work, house, etc., but she feels empty inside. We left her a promise that if she reads the Book of Mormon, the empty feeling would go away, and we bore such a strong testimony for her and it was way cool!

Scripture: Romans 8:28

Have a great week! Tchau!
Elder Buck
How we dress inside of our house these days...

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