Monday, June 29, 2015

Week 51 - June 29, 2015

Hello there!

Cool Thing: We are starting our Portuguese classes this Tuesday for the Haitians so that’s cool stuff!

Weekly Triumph: We have spent most of our time here just trying to reactivate members and it is awesome to see the ward growing and filling up with people these past few weeks!

Weekly Difficulty: Our house got so filthy this week and so we cleaned for like a whole 3 hours and now it is spotless...

Interesting Character: The guy we met... We talked to this guy who is a part of another church where their day of rest is on Saturday. He taught us for like 30 minutes why we shouldn’t worship on Sundays.

Spiritual Experience: Bearing my testimony for this man.

Scripture: Alma 17

Tchau! (Sorry my week was not very exciting!)

Elder Buck

The things you find in Brasil...

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