Monday, September 14, 2015

Week 62 - September 14, 2015

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Brasilian missionary style.... NO!

Thanks mom!

Monday: Nothing much....

Tuesday: We were able to return to the house of a person we taught and his mom and sister were also there to listen. They accepted the challenge to read the Book of Mormon and ask if it is true. Later we visited a less active member and he’s doing good...then we visited a guy from the Congregação Cristã do Brasil. He was willing to hear what we said but he did not listen and it was kind of frustrating. Then we tried visiting Anderson and he wasn’t able to listen to us. BUT we did talk to this lady (seated on a chair on the same property) who was crying. She told us a bunch of bad stuff that happened with her and her husband, but in the middle of her telling us these things, her husband shows up and says, " Are you guys Mormons?!" and Coelho said yes... and after the man proceeded by saying, 'Then GO AWAY! LEAVE my property or I call the police!" So we left... It was weird.

Wednesday: We visited Wagner and we are trying to get him back to church, but he’s just kind of being lazy and making excuses not to go. Afterward we were able to talk to Erica about prophets and apostasy. We visited Luciane (less active member from Curitiba) and her boyfriend listened to our message and everything! It was cool to see him open up a little bit. Then we visited Leonir and talked a bit about the Catholic Church and testified to him that only Church of Jesus Christ has the fullness of the gospel. After that we visited Valdomiro and seriously this guy is so cool! He just knows how to listen, it is good teaching him. Then we made a visit to Sandro who is a referral from the mini MTC thing that the ward did with the youth where they did contacts on the street and gave us the addresses. We were able to talk to him about prophets and apostasy. Finally we visited Carliane and Davilson and talked about things that will strengthen their relationship (prayer, scripture study, etc...). She is a lot more receptive than he is.

Thursday: We visited Raul and he is really struggling. Then we visited Anderson and asked him if he had heard his neighbor Tuesday night and he said yes. Then he told us how the Neighbor went to the side of Anderson's place and said that Anderson can’t let us in anymore because he hates Mormons. So he told us that we wouldn’t be able to visit him anymore. We took the Book of Mormon back (which is what our Mission President has told us to do) and lost our progressing investigator. After that we went to the house of a referral from one of the members and we showed up and met this 16-year-old kid named Gabriel. We started talking with he and his mom and the same time and when we asked him if he believed in God he said no. We then spent like 30 minutes trying to get more information out of him and tried to give more incentives for him to continue searching. He really didn’t want to hear anything we had to say and we left feeling a little frustrated. Our day was kinda rough...

Friday: We visited some less active members and afterward stopped by a house where we had recently knocked doors. There we met Jaqueline and Edipo. They were a little weird and asked a billion questions and seemed like they wanted to prove us wrong more than they wanted to listen... Later that night I was able to do my first baptismal interview ever which was cool! It was for an investigator of the sisters in our District. It was awesome.

Saturday: We visited Wagner gain and found out that he broke his foot. We visited Luciane again too and taught her and Roberson again. It was a super good lesson! We visited Leonir again and talked more about Gods plan and everything and it went relatively well! After that we went to visit Tulio and Tayane (of whom we marked their baptisms a while ago...) They are uninterested and are dodging us so we unmarked their baptisms. Then later that night we had a super good lesson with Ronald and Silvana about the Atonement.

Sunday: We went to church and Luciane and Roberson went! Yay! And Naor! Yay! But afterward we ate lunch we went to visit Naor and he’s doing good and is healthy enough to go to church (so he says). We visited Jacques and he wasn’t reading the Book of Mormon and he doesn’t want anything to do with the church either. So we took the Book of Mormon with us and went to the house of Raul...He was asleep o his bed, hung over from the party he went to Saturday night. We decided not to teach him because he has serious listening problems. We went to Maria´s house after and she fed us and we finished our week.

Love y’all! Tchau!

Elder Buck

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