Monday, September 21, 2015

Week 63 - September 21, 2015

Just Workin'!

New cut and frames!

The gifts from Mama B were a hit!

Someone keeps trying to break into the church building #brasilproblems

Monday: We were able to visit Raul and we decided to take a different approach when we teach him. We downloaded the church library app on his phone and we watched a Mormon message and conference talk with him instead of using the scriptures (which we have tried). We have been using more modern technology and the words of the living prophets to help him and its been working! We had made a goal the week before to get Raul going back to church and starting the whole process again.

Tuesday: So we decided to dedicate our day to knocking doors on a street where we’ve had the most success and we found a couple of people to teach. It started to rain and kinda killed our whole knocking doors idea and so afterwards we went to Raul’s place again to teach him again. (He lives alone and doesn’t work so he is always home.) After that we had a family home evening with a less active member who is super depressed and sad because her husband is making very bad decisions that hurt her a lot. It has been good being able to help her out a little bit.

Wednesday: We had a crazy day visiting some investigators and found two new people to start teaching, which was way cool. That just means that our Wednesdays and Saturdays are just gonna get crazier! We taught Roberson the rest of the Restoration and he has been reading the Book of Mormon.

Thursday: We went back to the same area that we were on Tuesday and found out that one of the families of whom we taught do not have any interest in learning more about the church, so that was a bummer. But we went back to the house of a kid we talked to on Tuesday and we spoke to him about our message and who we are and everything. He was super receptive and willing to listen. We also went back Raul´s house and he was feeling sad about his parents and his life and stuff and we helped him again using the Mormon messages and conference talks. After we went to a family home evening with another less active family and we ate so much food.

Friday: We had conference with president the whole day and we talked a lot about how we can work better with the members. Exactly what I needed to hear and learn about. 

Saturday: We visited a bunch of people and everyone is pretty much on the same page as last week...BUT we visited Raul again and he had shared with us a spiritual experience that he had with the Holy Ghost and how He spoke with him. He committed to go back to church. Earlier that day we visited Luciane and she committed to go to church again too. 

Sunday: Me and Coelho were walking on the street and we saw one of our old investigators walking with her two little boys. We stopped her on the street and asked how she was doing and she said," well not too good, my husband died." We were shocked because only a month ago we had talked with him and took the Book of Mormon back. We asked her what happened and she said ,"Yeah two men broke down our fence and entered in our house and shot my husband twice in the head." We weren’t really surprised because we kind of had the feeling that he wasn’t only washing cars to support his family...but what she said after that was crazy. "It happened the night after you guys came and took the Book back...." Honestly I have learned to understand and appreciate our mission rule of taking back the Book of Mormons when progress with the investigator stops. I think it gives the Book way more value. And really God just protected us by being obedient to that rule. Its better that someone actually used the Book of Mormon to read it and study it, than leave it on the bookshelf to collect dust. So we had to update their information in our area book...BUT we did mark a day to teach her at her mom’s house! Later we went to church and Raul was there! Bishop talked with him and the classes and everything were perfect! And Luciane went as well with her daughter (who we found out is not baptized), which was cool to see. We went to lunch and it got super hot out, but we visited Naor who didn’t go to church because he didn’t wake up on time to go. After that Elder got super sick so we went home. 

That’s all for this week!

Elder Buck

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