Monday, September 28, 2015

Week 64 - September 28, 2015

The district

I missed my glasses!

Cookies I made...

Cinnamon Rolls...#talentsineverknewihad

Monday: Totally made bomb cinnamon rolls…and peanut butter cookies! I almost cried! We made one visit to a less active family in the dark and then it started raining super hard so we went home! #itscoldouthere

Tuesday: So a big problem we have been having in our area is retaining investigators and finding people at home when we go back for the second visit. So Tuesday we literally knocked doors the entire day looking for someone to start teaching. When we got to the end of one of the very last streets there was a house all closed up, so looking at the house my brain automatically thought that nobody was home. So I started walking in the other direction when my companion, who obviously hears the Spirit better than me, told me to turn back around and go knock on the last door. So we did and we found a woman to teach! She has a husband and two little girls. And she received us well (outside of her house because we aren’t allowed to go in). We taught her about the Church of Jesus Christ. It was a super good lesson and she prayed at the end! Rare.

Wednesday: We did a split with the other elders in our area so that they could help us with the group of people we have in this one neighborhood, which was cool. We did some damage :) 

Thursday: We went back to the same area we were in on Tuesday (trying to open up a solid teaching group there) and we returned to the house of the one woman (Rosineide) and finished up the lesson on the restoration. The cool news is that she remembered where I’m from! And my name! So that was way cool. And she’s making and keeping commitments, which is cool too! We visited Raul as well and he’s doing a lot better with things. Looks like something we have been doing is working! (Finally) 

Friday: The amount of contacting and knocking doors we do is ridiculous.

Saturday: It was relatively slow which was a bummer, but we were able to make a visit to Valdomiro, who is doing well. We also visited Leonir who has been making a ton of progress with the reading of the Book of Mormon. We just got to get him to church!

Sunday: Raul went to church again! And we had one of the best lunches ever. Meetings. Rain. Yeah!

Love and miss you all!
Elder Buck

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