Monday, January 4, 2016

Week 78 - January 4, 2016

Sister Mission: COMPLETED

Hey y'all!

So this week was kind of lame because everyone went to the beach for New Years and the work slowed down significantly....Hahaha there is a lot of apostasy in this city!

As for the teaching, we are still focusing a lot on less actives and there has been a lot of drama in one of our favorite families, where the husband and wife are splitting up because the dad started to drink and use drugs again. Unfortunately this is a pretty common problem here... We found two boys our age who are both members of the church already and they committed to go to church on Sunday with us. Cool guys. Church attendance is kind of improving, but we are working hard with the leaders to get their visits done, and fulfill their callings.

Something exciting that happened this week was that we were able to spend New Years at the elders quorum president’s house to eat some BQ and some other really great food. AND I totally have been in the mission longer than the sister missionaries that already went home this past transfer. So yeah I totally accomplished a sister mission bahahaha.

Something interesting that happened is when we were walking back to our area of 3km radius of the chapel from the other side of the planet (after a lunch appointment), we saw a guy like crawl out of a ditch from the side of the road and he started crying and took off his shirt. We thought for sure this guy was probably on drugs. He approached us as we were walking and started telling us (in a really panicked voice) how a guy in his car cut in front of him on his motorcycle and he had fallen into the ditch on his motorcycle. So we looked into the ditch and there his motorcycle was with his helmet about 5 meters away. So we flagged a car down and some other people called the police and the ambulance to help the guy out. Me, Elder Peterson, and 4 other guys totally helped pull this guys bike out of the ditch, it was pretty nuts. He was fine and everything turned out okay though! And we also found and caught a bat that was inside of our house…oh my gosh it was so scary!

We walked a ton this week too, not a TON of Success, but we are counting our blessings hahaha! Boa semana pra vocês!

Elder Buck

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