Monday, September 15, 2014

Week 10 - September 15, 2014

Bailey's computer erased his big email this week. So here are some pictures and a short message he was able to send to his dad.

The work...Frustrating but we have a couple investigators that are really progressing. People think that all of Brasil is a place where you get most contacts and baptisms, but it is really so different where I am right now. Florianópolis is another planet in comparison to the other missions in this country. People like to talk about religion here but nobody progresses. It's tough. Then put on top of that the learning of a new language and that makes the process even harder. We did finally get the gas working in our apartment TODAY! This is super awesome because now we can cook whatever.

Well my computer is being so lame and it erased my whole email :( I'm trying to send pictures and stuff too! I want to cry, and I only have five minutes because my companion has to go to hospital for something. I won't be able to try later because it is like a thirty-minute walk from our house to the computers I'm sorry I have to go. Thank you for your prayers, I can feel them. :) Glad everything is going all right. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!

Love You!
Elder Buck
The book is blue! 

Our Zone 


Ward Building

 I don't know....

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