Monday, September 22, 2014

Week 11 - September 22, 2014

Sorry this letter is Probably going to be pretty short but hopefully it’ll do the job in comparison to last week haha. The past two weeks have really been a blur and I realized that missionary work is SO hard! Sorry about the missing letter from last week, I really meant to send one! The past two weeks have moved really really fast.

Monday: Elder Magalhães and I went to the hospital to get his kidneys checked out and we go back today to see the results. We met with the doctor and holy cow; this lady was speaking a different language or something because she was talking so fast. The fastest I think I’ve ever heard anyone speak Português. It was NUTS.

Tuesday: Every Tuesday night we have ward activity with the members to play Pingy pongy, games, etc. and we had 2 investigators show up! It was so cool that someone finally stuck with their commitment! One of our investigators is this 14-year-old boy named Guilherme and he is so good at futebol. The people here are nuts about soccer. And on top of that he’s really really good at ping pong. STUD. I’m really hoping he gets baptized because this kid is awesome.

Wednesday: I got three letters from my family and Rachel Riffey! Thank you very much I love you all! #3lettersweg

Thursday: We had a district meeting with our zone leaders and I actually understood stuff! Yay! It feels good when you can actually say something in response to what you heard in a language that’s not your own haha :)

Friday: We visited a less-active member in our ward and he claimed to be studying English for about 14 years by himself and when he attempted to speak in English to me, it sounded like Russian. It is so awkward when you can’t understand your own language...haha especially when he tries telling a joke and you don’t laugh because you don’t understand. And then him telling the same joke in Português and you laugh like you got the joke but you really didn’t because it was in Português...Good times! Haha It was so weird!

Saturday/Sunday: ......

But a cool experience that happened last week that I wanted to write about was about one of our investigators named Zelia. We showed up to her house, sat down, and before we could really say anything she described how she felt every time we stopped by. She is so cool. She said she can’t really explain why, but every time we come by she is always so awake and happy. She says she works a lot and doesn’t sleep very much but every time we stop by she feels a sense of peace and happiness that comes from nowhere. And how she feels when we leave is like something left with us. All we’ve really taught about is the Restoration and the Plan of Salvation. She also described the felling of wanting to change when we leave! Hurrah! And on top of that, she has told all of her friends at work about the feeling she gets when we are around because she wants them to feel the same peace she feels. It made my entire week! Her 10-year-old son is also sitting in on all of the discussions and at the end he gave the sweetest prayer and I swear the Spirit was tangible and he started crying after! It was so so so awesome. Experiences like these make the walking all day, getting windows shut in your face all worth it :)

That’s all I got for this week, Thanks for all the prayers and love, amo vocês!

Elder Buck

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