Monday, September 29, 2014

Week 12 - September 29, 2014

Primeira Transferência: COMPLETE


This week was really really good!

First Biguaçu is really awesome and the members have finally come around to help us out a little bit! It’s really amazing how much the members here do. We finally have some investigators! It feels so good to finally be teaching real lessons more often! But lets start with some other things that happened this week.

Cool things: Zelia & Guilherme both showed up for ward activity night (which we hold every Tuesday night) and it was so so fun. The members truly love being able to get together and play games and meet new people. The second cool thing was that we went to go teach a lesson and these investigators straight up fed us some of the best soup I’ve had since I’ve been here. And we went to visit them again and they fed us AGAIN. And these are investigators, not members I might add. They are so cool, but have been really hard to get a hold of because of how much they work. But that could have made my whole week regardless! Oh and one more cool thing, I didn’t get transferred and neither did my comp, so we have another six weeks in Biguaçu together!

Interesting character: EDSON. Elder Magalhães and I were walking down the street to make contacts with random people and out of nowhere this worker starts talking to us from across the street in ENGLISH. DUDE! So we end up having this long conversation with this guy and turns out that he lived in the United States for 5 years, served in the AIR FORCE, and had to move back cause of his drinking problem. He told us that he is SO desperate to change his life and try to make it back to the states, so we gave him our number, he put it in his weekly planner and we told when and where we hold sacrament meeting. He put the address down and everything and when Sunday came around... he didn’t make it. He had to watch his daughter and couldn’t leave the house. I was such a bummer but he is such a cool guy. I really hope we can do some work with this guy because he is so awesome.

Funny Story: Elder Magalhães bought a flippin’ Taser, and now threatens to use it all the time…but the real story is that one of the days this week he was playing with it and after using it, he touched the end and shocked himself. I died! Hilarious.

Weekly Difficulty(s): Emailing flippin’ pictures is THE WORST! And I didn’t get to send letters out either so that was the bummer of the week.

Spiritual experience: Well, I think the Lord has finally used me for the purpose I’m out here for! We were teaching one of our investigators named Cris and she has been living with her boyfriend for twenty years, has an 18-year-old daughter, and is 41 years old. We taught the law of Chastity and honestly I wasn’t really thinking that the lesson would go all that well because we had only spoken with her once before this visit (and talking about Chastity can get a little weird). But during the lesson Elder Magalhães taught most of it but asked me to read a part of one of the pamphlets we have in Português. Yeah…all right…cool! So I read the pamphlet without a flaw and afterward Cris said, “Wow you read better than you can speak.” I honestly am so bad at reading anything in Português but my mind was clearer than it had ever been before. And Elder Magelhães, after talking a bit about what we have to do to be clean, asked me to talk a little about the importance of all of this. Honestly I can’t really remember all that I said but I do know that I remembered a really random quote from "Our search for Happiness" about chastity, translated it into Português, and did not have any doubt in my mind that what I had just said was perfectly delivered in Português. But for the rest of the day after that I was pulling random words from who knows where and then very next day I was back to speaking the same, really bad Português I was the day before that lesson. It was really weird but so cool.

Missionary work truly is the work of the Lord!

Eu amo vocês!

Elder Buck

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