Monday, November 24, 2014

Week 20 - November 24, 2014

"God and Faithful"

This week was super boring again! But just to fill you all in:

Cool thing: We had a Zone Meeting this week and I’m officially not the worst Portuguese-speaking American in the field! YAY! (I think I’ve said this before but to reemphasize...)

Interesting Character: Ronaldo took the cake the week! ...again. New news on Ronaldo... This week he was telling us how there used to be 12 Apostles in Biguaçu, but they started robbing people and taking their money and after blaming him. This is why he can’t have a car registered in his name because the police will find him. I thought that was pretty crazy...

Funny thing: We were at the grocery store and needed cash, so we went to withdrawal some from the ATM and saw that a member from our Branch was taking money out too. (The same member who threw me a Birthday party.) So we waited for her to turn around before we greeted her to say hi, but what we didn’t know that she gets really nervous taking money out of the ATM when she’s alone. So she turned around and Elder Magalhães stuck his hand out to greet her and scared her SO bad. She totally thought he was going to take her money...I died laughing because the look on her face was exactly like the face of the one other lady we scared in the middle of the night a couple weeks ago! We are awful.

Weekly difficulty: Well this week we bought a pull-up bar and put it in the door frame, but with time, I noticed it was kind of crooked the way we put it up. So I took it down and put it back up, and when I was testing it to see if it would hold (I am attaching a picture of it to illustrate what I mean. I’m so dumb haha) It slipped and SMACK! I totally dome-rocked myself in the face and now I have a big welt just above my eye...dangit! Oh and the drain to our sink broke so I have to figure out how we are going to fix that...

Spiritual Experience: I have to say this week was really great for doing contacts. I’m starting to notice that you really can have the spirit when you’re just simply talking to someone on the road, or in front of their house. It is truly awesome!

Scripture: I really enjoyed reading 2 Timothy 1-2. I really loved what was said in 1:7-8! Check it out!

Love you all a ton and hope you have a great week!

Elder Buck

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