Monday, February 2, 2015

Week 30 - February 2, 2015

The best mission in the entire world!

Hey Everyone! 

I am doing really really good over here! I’m really beginning to love the mission a lot. It definitely is NOT EASY BY ANY MEANS but it’s definitely where I’m supposed to be and what I’m supposed to be doing. I am happy right now. Happy to be here, happy that I’m doing what I am supposed to be doing, happy my family is all good, happy to know what I know, just super happy! I am doing very well. Please continue to feed the missionaries and help them as much as you can! It's cool to find a family you can hang with and it almost feels like you’re at home again. I love those families.

Cool thing: Transfers. I have a new comp! It’s ELDER CORDEIRO (kor-daye-roo). He’s Brazilian and from São Paulo! He seems pretty cool, he has about 8-9 months in the mission, and so he’s pretty new like me! (Which makes me feel not so bad hahaha.) I am super stoked for that! And Elder Burton got transferred to Navigantes (nahv-ee-guhn-cheese), which is literally 30 minutes away from this area.... So I’ll be seeing him again soon!

Me and the little guy...

(Not So) Funny Thing: Well I’ve eaten some pretty weird crap thus far in my mission and it all seems to be from this month (not all but most of it hahaha) well here is the list:

-Cow Stomach (this was actually really gross and we had it this week. Just look it up on the internet.)
-Cow Liver
-Chicken Hearts
-and flippin' Marlin (it was delicious)

Interesting character: …yeah I don’t have time to write this one…

Weekly Difficulty: One of our investigators was arrested this week...She was caught in the act of deadly assault with a weapon...YEESH.

Spiritual Experience: Me and Elder fasted for Esters mom to let her be baptized this week and we showed up for church and she came up to us and said she was ready to get baptized :) The power of fasting is absolutely incredible. We are going by her house today to have her mom sign the baptism papers! It looks like the date will be on the 21 of this month :)

Scripture: I studied Isaiah 29 this week and that was cool.

Love Y’ALL!
Elder Buck
The biggest bag of Ruffles in the entire world!

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