Monday, March 16, 2015

Week 36 - March 16, 2015

Selfie of the week...

DIA 251… HaHaHa I counted yesterday!

Cool thing: So yeah things are going super duper over here. We have six baptisms marked for this month and the next month coming up - so sweet! The family we had planned to get baptized at the end of the month will have to wait until April to get baptized because of work issues and stuff. It is really tough for them right now. BUT we have been teaching this guy and his son and they are planning on getting baptized on that date instead! I also get to stay in this area for another transfer with my same comp!

Funny thing: We have had two elders in our house who are going home this Tuesday and every morning for the past week one of them (Elder Galvão) would yell "EU VOU EMBORA!!!!!!" When my comp and I were talking to our neighbors (who happen to be members) about something else one day, she said that every morning at about 6:30 in the morning, she has been waking up to Elder Galvão yelling that he would be leaving.... Bahahah I laughed!

Me and Elder Galvão

Weekly triumph: I killed two cockroaches two nights ago like a boss.

Weekly difficulty: The cockroaches just disappeared after I killed them.... AND you know that moment that every missionary never wants to happen to them when the Bishop comes up to you and your companion before the meeting starts and says, “can you two give 10 minute talks today?" Then there is that moment where you just cant say no and so you say yes? So I gave a talk this past Sunday that turned out to be fine but it is kind of stressful when the only resources you have are the book of Mormon and the Bible... 

Spiritual Experience: After my talk I sat down and asked my companion if everything made sense and he said yeah it was really good, you corrected yourself on words I’ve never heard you correct yourself on. The thing is I don’t remember correcting myself at all.... So I think there might have been some divine intervention going on during my talk.

Interesting News: It has been pretty wacky over here because everyone is trying to impeach the President! The area president over Brasil sent out a letter to our mission president saying that yesterday we are not allowed to leave our houses to work at all just go to church and go home.... so yesterday we didn’t do anything! It was awesome! I read Jesus the Christ like the whole day. 

Scripture of the Week: All of them! 

Boa semana, 
Elder Buck
Oh Elder Cordeiro...

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