Monday, March 2, 2015

Week 34 - March 2, 2015

This week was the busiest week ever. And we got some stuff done!

Cool thing(s): We had a zone conference with President and it was really really good. Every time he speaks I just get the feeling that he truly is called of God, and I respect him so much for it. Also, we had the dedication of the new chapel here in São Vicente. It is beautiful! There was a ton of people there too! There were less actives, actives, investigators, etc...It was super duper cool! And we worked really hard the entire week inviting people on the street to enter to check it out and stuff so seeing that the work we did actually paid off, was a really good thing!

Weekly triumph: MY FIRST BAPTISM OF MY ENTIRE MISSION. We finally baptized Ester! After all the fasting, and praying and persistence, we finally got a baptism. She wanted Elder Burton (my last companion) to come baptize her and the President allowed him to do it! We were able to confirm her and everything on Sunday, it was super cool.

Weekly difficulty: I left by bag in a cleaning closet in the new chapel and when I went to pick it up, I had rested it on one of the soap bag things that go in the bathroom, so it got covered in soap. That was awful.

Interesting Character: I don’t remember his name but the night of the dedication of the new chapel, there was this guy who walked up to us when we were greeting people who were walking in, and asked if there was a place inside where he could sit down. Of course we said yes and sat next to him during the whole dedication ceremony thing. At the end of the first prayer he stood up and yelled, "amen. Amen! AMEN!" And everyone looked and it was kind of funny hahaha. And after the special musical number he started clapping and stuff it was weird. Oh!!!...and then the Stake President welcomed all of the visitors and people and then this guy yelled "OBRIGADO!" It was interesting but I’m glad he came!

Spiritual Experience: We went to the house of Carlos and Darlen and taught them the restoration again. We started the lesson and before we could even really finish the part about the families being blessed by the Gospel part Darlen cut us off and said, "So I went to the pastor of my church and told him I was taking the missionary lessons and stuff. But the thing is when I started talking about you guys he got all weird and started saying a bunch of stuff about how you guys don’t believe in the Holy Ghost and the commandments, but I know you guys believe in these things because it seems like its all you talk about! And I told him that he needs to go home and do his research about different churches before he started saying bad stuff about them." And a problem she was having before was making the switch from her church to ours. And so after we asked her again if she and Carlos would be baptized on the 28 of March (because of work difficulties) and they said without hesitating "of course!" And they had both received an answer to their prayers if the church was true or not the moment they went. I thought that was cool! And also during the dedication I definitely felt the Lord accepting His house. It was so cool!

Welp, that’s all for now!

Elder Buck

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