Monday, March 23, 2015

Week 37 - March 23, 2015

Cool thing: We had 18 non-members who showed up to church yesterday and it was awesome.

Weekly Triumph: we found a family to teach this week and they are so elect! Like they are getting married and are looking for the truth!

Weekly difficulty.... So me and Elder were walking to an appointment we had with Carlos and Darlen and one of the members stopped us and told us to tell Carlos and his family to go to the ward dance. We were all like yeah! So we told Carlos and Darlen about the dance at the end of our lesson and about the law of chastity and stuff and went home. We had marked the next day to teach their daughters with Carlos and when we showed up, Carlos pulled up behind us on his scooter and the moment he got off his scooter I knew something was wrong. We went inside and he started to tell us about his work and stuff and then we asked him about the dance.... He mentioned that Darlen went and did not like it at all because of the music and dancing that was happening there. She actually ended up grabbing all of her children and leaving the dance because the played a song called "Lagradinha" and other bad music. Additionally, a lot of the members were actually doing the dance that went along with the song... Que vergonha. So we marked to come back to his house when Darlen was actually there so that we could talk with her. We returned and before we could even sit down, she destroyed us. She burned the church and us so bad. It was so embarrassing. But after she said all of this she asked us what we had to say about it all and the only thing I could think of was to say a prayer. So I said, "can we start with a prayer?" and she just kind of turned calm and we were able to explain that even though the members don’t always follow the commandments, that doesn’t mean that the church isn’t true. Luckily for us she had a strong enough testimony to still go to church this Sunday with her family. It was painful. Especially when she said, "You know it’s so hard when you look for a church your entire life and when you actually find the only true church something like this happens." Keep the dances rated G PLEASE.


Scripture of the Week: Exodus 32 - this is how I felt.

Spiritual Experience: Being able to be in tune with the Spirit enough to know exactly what to say to someone with so much confusion and anger.

Besides the little hiccup (hahaha) it was a great week and I’m still continuing to learn a lot!

Love you all!
Elder Buck

"The grind..."

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