Monday, March 30, 2015

Week 38 - March 30, 2015

Hey There friends and family!

Cool thing: We had a baptism this week so that was super cool!

Interesting Character: PETER. So a member brought an investigator from Haiti to church, but turns out he was already baptized in our church when he lived in São Paulo. hahaha. Good kid.

Funny Thing: Watching my companion exercise in the morning is a treat! It is one of his transfer goals to exercise more. bahahaha  - it's funny.

Weekly Triumph: So we went to Darlen and Carlos' house this week and she told us she has good news and bad news... so the bad news was that we won’t be able to teach her during the week anymore, and the good news is that she is working during the week so she can get Sundays off to go to church! Fasting and prayer work miracles people! Oh, and Vilmar (our other investigator who we had planned to get baptized this week) had a problem with coffee. We told him he wouldn’t be able to get baptized if he still drinks it and we thought we lost a baptism for a couple weeks. The story turns out that the day of his baptismal interview he showed up super sick. And we asked him what was up and he said he stopped drinking coffee. Que alegria! And he passed the interview. He told us why he quit drinking coffee and he said when he poured himself a cup, the glass mug blew up.... It was truly a very strong response from God!

Weekly Difficulty: We had 2 baptisms planned this week with 2 of our investigators. Vilmar (dad) and Vitor (11 year old son) When we got to the Baptism no one had heated the water and it was super cold. The bigger problem though was that after we had baptized Vilmar, Elder Cordeiro went to Baptize Vitor. It turns out that Vitor has a huge fear of being submerged in water. So we didn’t baptize him this week but are working with him to build up the courage to be baptized in a few weeks by his father.

Spiritual Experience: The Baptism of Vilmar was absolutely incredible. He is a different man!

Weekly Scripture: Alma 34

Love you all!!!!

Elder Buck

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