Monday, April 13, 2015

Week 40 - April 13, 2015

Cool thing: I was able to interview with president this week and that guy is super awesome and helps us a lot! Also, Cordeiro and I bought some yugioh cards this week for the two little boys of Darlen and Carlos and they were SO STOKED! That was so awesome.

Funny Thing: One of the young women in the ward put my first name in the Google translate in Portuguese and I guess according to Google, my name is "Big Spoon"…everyone has been calling me Colherão (Big Spoon) the past couple days...

Interesting Character: DANTE. Dante is a very cool guy. He’s a member of the church from Argentina and speaks English like as if he is American. He’s a super funny guy. And mom, I guess he knows who Taylor Tabile is because he served in the same mission or something. Small world. But yeah cool kid!

Weekly Triumph: We had 4 baptisms this week, which was flipping sweet! Carlos, Darlen, Poliane, and Davlin (daughters) all were baptized!

Weekly Difficulty: We had to go through about 10 different pages of paperwork trying to get the names and information right for the baptisms, but other than that, I have nothing to complain about! Also, one of the elders living with us picked up a mosquito transmitted sickness called "Dengue" this week so he’s been very sick.

Spiritual Experience: Seeing and feeling such a difference in the home of Carlos and Darlen after being baptized and confirmed. This Gospel is so perfect!

Scripture: I read D&C 11 this week and liked it!

That’s it. I love you all!

Elder Buck

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