Monday, April 20, 2015

Week 41 - April 20, 2015


Cool Thing: The family that just got baptized are doing so good! They still have a lot of questions and want to learn so much! Darlen already wants her patriarchal blessing and Carlos is preparing to receive the Priesthood. They are doing great. She told me a story about what happened to her at work this past week, which to me is proof that the Holy Ghost actually exists. She went to work and one of her coworkers mentioned that she looked different almost like she had a "light" around her. So that was cool to hear. Also, Carlos had an experience similar to hers! He said he has never been treated well by the people in charge at his work and is talked down to a lot; but after his baptism they were talking to him like he had worth and he could "feel" the difference the Holy Ghost has been making in his life. Also, the two men that we have baptized in the past couple of weeks (Carlos and Vilmar) bought white shirts to wear to church and it was awesome!

Funny Thing: My companion and I scared the Bishop’s wife to death on accident when we showed up at their house. I think she literally thought she was going to die.

Interesting Character: LIZZY from Luxinburg, Luxingburg, Luxenberg, Luxembourg, I don’t even know. She had a British accent and spoke English and I totally taught her in English for the first time in my entire life and it was so weird!! It was a lot simpler because I actually knew she understood exactly what I was saying. I talked to her with Elder Beecroft for like a whole hour this past P-day and it was sick! 

Weekly Triumph: My companion and I planned a family home evening with a less active family and it turned out pretty awesome! They made some killer food too!

Weekly Difficulty: Elder Cordeiro and I went to the hospital for like the whole day because he had an allergic reaction to something. So that was fun.

Spiritual Experience: We marked an appointment with a reference from our bishop (which we had met earlier this week and left a book of Mormon for her to read), and when we knocked at her door she came out with the Book in her hand and wanted to give it back. She said that it was super against everything she had learned in the other churches and she didn’t want to learn more about the book or our religion. So we stayed and discussed one of the concerns she had about dead people coming back (when Moroni appeared to Joseph Smith) among other things. We asked her afterward if she had read and prayed with real intent and an open heart and she said she did. We then responded by saying, “we know for a fact that you read, but NOT with real intent and an open heart because it is impossible not to receive an answer.'' It might have been a little strong but afterwards, she had admitted that she had not prayed with real intent and an open heart and we are planning on passing by her house later this week to see how things went. But the Spirit responded very quickly about what we should say in that very moment and it was super cool.

Scripture; I was reading D&C 138 and learned that each one of us can do what he did to receive personal revelation from God! Good stuff.

Elder Buck

Mini-Me: Daví

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