Monday, August 10, 2015

Week 57 - August 10, 2015

Monday: I don’t really have much to say about this day...

Tuesday: We had a lunch appointment marked at a house on the other side of the universe and we took the bus. The worst choice of bus ever...We ended up taking a tour of a large part of Joinville that was completely out of our area and we showed up at the members house 2 hours late....But we did end up finishing up our day with a bang having family home evening with a less active member and his non member family which was cool. After that, we had a good lesson with Anita and her 10-year-old daughter Mariani. Afterward, Anita PROMISED she would go to church on Sunday too. The visit was really strange actually... Mariani was hosting a Bible study class thing at her house like half hour after we arrived and when we finished, the Catholic ladies started showing up and we thought about sticking around but the Spirit said no hahaha....yeesh. 

Wednesday: We had interviews with President and that guy is super cool! His scriptures are super crazy.

President Silva's scriptures vs. a missionary's scriptures

Thursday: We did a lot of contacting this day and found 4 new people to teach.... It was way cool! The first is Lealcio. He is 22 and when we knocked on his door and started talking about the apostasy he got super interested. He let us in, we taught him about the restoration and then he agreed to let us come back and talk more about it. Then there’s Marilda....she is kind of weird and doesn’t understand very much but yeah... We knocked on a door last week and a guy answered and told us to come back this week and when we returned he let us in and his situation is pretty interesting. He was super interested in the Book of Mormon, and he’s read the Bible 6 times cover to cover…in jail....Soooo we left the book with him and they PROMISED that they would go to church Sunday too.

Friday: We did a ton of trackting again... its rough hahaha, but later that day we visited Naor, a less active member, and he tried convincing us that dentists just want to rip teeth out of people’s heads and that 7 guys tried killing him for leaving the Catholic church and it was weird.... We continued knocking doors after and his dad found us on the street (Naor is a grown man living with his dad...) he told us that he has schizophrenia...that cleared up some stuff for sure.

Saturday: We had a lesson with Leonir and Cleonisse (investigators we found knocking doors...) And Leonir read the part we marked in the Book of Mormon 4 times. It was awesome! Cleonisse is getting there... And we asked him if he prayed to know if the book is true and he said no. He said he didn’t want to pray because he feels like he’s asking God for a sign haha. But he said he would pray anyway and let us know, He’s so cool! 

Sunday: We went to church and none of our investigators showed up. We did have a lesson with some less actives (this is memorable) and this member (Silvana). She just thinks super outside the box and she asked me if the apples in the US taste the same as apples in Brasil and if we have bananas there. Sometimes I feel like I’m from a different planet.

But it was a great week!

Elder Buck

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