Monday, August 24, 2015

Week 59 - August 24, 2015

Still here in Iririú…

The missionaries from your neighborhood...

So this week was the week of transfers and unfortunately one of my best friends in the mission will be going to my old area...Elder de Jesus. That guy is awesome!

The District

Probably two of my closest friends in the mission...

Monday: We taught a less active member this week and she made a ton of awesome food and stuff and it was so good!

Tuesday: We taught Analise and Michel about the importance of the Book of Mormon again because they didn’t read. We also did a lot of knocking on doors because a ton of appointments fell through, so we found ourselves 3 new people to start teaching so that was way cool! At the end of our day we talked with our recent convert Raul and he’s dug himself a pretty giant hole and basically threw his whole life away...we are working super hard to get him back on his feet.

Wednesday: We visited some of our investigators this day, starting with Liliane. She is 19 with a SUPER bad smoking problem and is going through some financial difficulties. We did some calculating and showed her and her husband how much money she was wasting on cigarettes. We later found out that she has been making one pack of cigarettes last almost half a week, which was cool to hear. We invited her to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. Afterward we visited Luis, who has some issues and I’m not sure how much progress he is going to be able to make. After that we visited Wagner, a less active who is way discouraged about going to church. Some of the bishopric committed to visit him and then no one did. We then visited Leonir to see how his reading went and he said it went well and he prayed and afterward felt peace and stuff, but then he started bearing to us his testimony about MARY... and he almost started crying about Mary as the mother of Jesus and said if he goes to hell then at least he is going believing in MARY. And after started saying how praying to MARY is like the same thing as praying to God. <deep sigh>

Thursday: We returned to a bunch of the houses that we knocked on and a ton of people didn’t want to hear what we have to say, but we did bust out some lessons and found some quality people to teach as well so we will see what happens.

Friday: We continued helping Raul with his issues, we taught some less active members, and after that knocked a bunch of doors. (Sounds like I enjoy knocking doors, but the reality is that I don’t...We are just suffering because we have received zero referrals this past transfer and a half.) We found Anderson though! So we knocked on a door and found this guy who suffered a motorcycle accident and we taught him 2 days in a row! And he committed to read the Book of Mormon and pray!

Saturday: We visited Luciani, she’s a less active member who we found knocking doors, and when we showed up she said, " I knew you guys would come today!" And we were kind of confused because we hadn’t really marked anything with her, but she later told us she had a dream that we would visit her that day... so that was pretty cool. She told her husband that morning that we would probably be coming and he made fun of her because she dreamed that we would and he had a really funny look on his face!

Sunday: All of our appointments fell through, but Elder Anderson visited the Brasil, Florianópolis mission area and did a broadcast for all the members yesterday. HE SPEAKS PORTUGUESE! He has an accent (we all do...), but speaks really well! But today he is doing a special training with the missionaries from the 3 closest zones to the island so I didn’t get to go...but I thought that was cool for the missionaries from this mission that had the opportunity the see an apostle. 

But that’s all for this week, Love you all!

Elder Buck

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