Monday, August 17, 2015

Week 58 - August 17, 2015

A gecko we discovered in our house that got smashed by the door.

A leaf with a bunch of caterpillars!

Me and the Rabbit (Elder Coelho)!

Monday: Nothing really special happened…

Tuesday: We had talked with a person at the bus stop who curiously looks like my aunt Leanna and ended up getting to know her. So this past week we went to her house ended up teaching she and her husband about the book of Mormon and the restoration. Was super cool to see their brains starting to work and realize that the things we tell people have a very strong and true argument. They committed to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it.

Wednesday: We visited Leonir and asked him if he had prayed to know if the Book of Mormon is true and he said he wasn’t sure because he just felt good saying a normal prayer from the heart instead of saying a decorated Catholic prayer so that was super cool to hear. He was also able to explain super well the things we marked for him to read which was cool. We visited Laelcio and he said that his mom doesn’t want us to turn her son away form the teachings of the catholic looks like we won’t be visiting him any time soon. It’s a bummer because he seemed super uninterested when we showed up...

Thursday: We knocked SO MANY DOORS but found a person to start teaching named Pamela. We taught her the first part of the restoration and about families and stuff but with a twist using the Liahona from this month. Before leaving I had a super strong impression to ask her if she likes to read and she said, "who doesn’t like to read, I love to read!" SO...we are kind of short on Book of Mormons at the moment so I ended up giving her a copy of the Liahona instead and told her I wanted it back (as an excuse to go back to visit her again)! I’m so smart! Elder wasn’t too pleased with me giving her the only Liahona from the month of August that we had, but I am hoping it’ll turn out okay!

Friday: We walked a lot this day just looking for unknown members of the church that the Bishop gave to us and it was pretty rough... We had dinner at a member’s house though, so that was cool!

Saturday: We had a meeting with the second counselor of the bishopric to talk about the activities we are going to be doing these next few months to get the ward excited about missionary work because this ward is dead! We are hoping that these activities will bring some investigators to church because it has been a while... we knocked a bunch of doors this day and found a married couple! So that was cool, we taught them and they seemed pretty interested!

Sunday: We went to church and taught a couple lessons and it was a great day!

Love you all!

Elder Buck

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