Monday, August 31, 2015

Week 60 - August 31, 2015

Saying goodbye to Elder de Jesus.

Monday: We had the opportunity to teach a less active member and her husband about the atonement and how we can become clean if we repent. Her husband has word of wisdom and other serious problems and hasn’t been to church for over a year and a half. He went to church yesterday with her and it was pretty nuts.

Tuesday: We visited Michel and he returned the Book of Mormon and said that he read and prayed and didn’t receive an answer. That was really confusing and hard for us to hear (I’m thinking time is the answer), but he gave us his pastor’s information so we are going to see if we can have a conversation with him. We did a bunch of contacts too...

Wednesday: Wednesdays are some of our two busiest days of the week, but we had visited a less active member in our ward that we found knocking doors (Luciani). Before this we had told the 2nd counselor of bishopric to go visit her and HE DID! Unfortunately, she didn’t go to church on Sunday because she was sick, but I was super happy that the 2nd counselor did that. BUT Luciani gave a referral of another less active member who was living in the same neighborhood. We met them the same day and the man of the family is the nephew of one of the active members of our ward (this ward is kinda nuts). But we also visited Tulio and Tayane and challenged them to read the Book of Mormon and then pray and ask if its true. They said they would and then we challenged them to be baptized and they accepted - so we will have see if that’s going happen. We also visited Anderson later that night and asked him if he had read the Book of Mormon, and he had, but he didn’t feel like he received n answer yet. So we are going to work super hard with him so that he can, because I feel like he hasn’t put a lot of effort into the reading and studying to know if the Book is true.

Thursday: We visited Raul and he is...struggling. He’s 19 with no job, has physical challenges, he lives alone, and currently doesn’t have electricity to his house. He also has some other problems that he going through that are self inflicted so we have been trying to help him make things right. He hasn’t been to church for a super long time, and it has been really difficult for us with him these past few weeks. We had also visited Naor and he isn’t sick anymore so we have been working on getting him back to church. 

Friday: We knocked some doors and found a new person to teach who is 19 and wants to change his life (so he says...). We taught him a littlie bit about our purpose as missionaries and how our message would bless his life. It was good. We also visited a contact that we had who had moved to another house in our same area with her husband. Kelly and Everton... We showed up at 5:00 and left at about 7:45. It was outrageous. After explaining everything we thought he wanted to hear, it actually wasn’t. He just wanted to know about the organization and the commandments of the church, and yeah, Ill let y’all know what happens there. He didn’t accept to read the Book of Mormon but his wife Kelly did - so yeah that was weird.

Saturday: Our Saturdays are super busy like Wednesdays so our schedules were pretty tight. We had been walking on the street in this neighborhood and a woman stopped us and asked us where our church was located. We told her and then she told us that she was a member of the church. We asked for her information and she only gave us her phone number and went on her way. We gave the number to the 2nd counselor and he called them and VISITED THEM and then gave us their address. We went there and she and her husband were both home, so we talked them in to going back to church and they committed to go. We also visited Liliani and Maikon and she hadn’t read the Book of Mormon so we are going to keep working on them. That night we also visited Davilson ad Carliane and spoke to them about the Book of Mormon and challenged them to pray together 2 times a day (because the marriage is struggling at the moment). They accepted and are super elect to receive an answer about the Book of Mormon.

Sunday: We had our meeting with the ward mission leader and he is helping us to do some cool activities with the ward to get the people excited about missionary work. (If any of you have Ideas about what we could do, it would be greatly appreciated. This ward is struggles!) We had family home evening with some members and they had made hamburgers! (It wasn’t Five Guys but it was the effort that counts!) :) That’s all my friends!

Elder Buck

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