Monday, January 11, 2016

Week 79 - January 11, 2016

Hey everyone!

Not much happened this week, but Ill try to get y’all filled in...

Monday: We talked with a Pastor here in our area and it was strange because he called us off the street to talk with him because he wanted to learn more. When we got into his house and started explaining what we believed he started telling us about everything he new about the Bible and ended up talking our ears off for like an hour. Every time I would try to say something, he would always cut me off...but we ended up leaving him with a Book of Mormon just to see if he would read it! 

Tuesday: We did some door knocking in kind of a sketchy area and found some cool people to teach! It was a super long day of contacting...

Wednesday: We found this kid knocking doors whose name is Joni; he’s 15 years old and has a bunch of tattoos and piercings. We talked with him about Christ and going to church and he agreed to go which was super surprising!

Thursday: We had a ton of appointments fall through and we just visited some members.

Friday: We had our first district meeting in three weeks and we had to travel.... It’s so draining some days! We talked about how we can help our investigators and people we teach keep commitments.

Saturday: It was the ward mission leader’s birthday and so he invited us over to eat and his ENTIRE FAMILY was there. There were a lot of people and we ate SO MUCH! Then later that day we went and did visits to less actives with him! The guy is a champ! 

Sunday: We went and picked up Joni to go to church and he was ready and he went! It was pouring rain that day, but he woke up on time, got himself ready and went to church. It was awesome to see him there. And Peterson and I gave a 25-minute training on our mission's plan to baptize more this year (because our mission is not a baptizing mission). We showed them how it would be completely possible to make their branch into a ward in less than a year, if they followed the plan. It was super cool to see everyone get kind of excited about helping us with referrals so we can strengthen the church here in São Francisco.

But that’s it for this week, Tchau!

Elder Buck

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