Monday, January 18, 2016

Week 80 - January 18, 2016

The district
Hey y'all!

So as for this week we didn’t have a whole lot of interesting things happen but we are working hard and trying to help people get back to church and get the members fired up about our mission plan! For some reason these days everyone is making appointments with us on our p days and we have been desperate for lessons so our p days are full of walking cleaning and barely getting what we need to around the house... Our scheduling is whack!

Tuesday we met with one of our recent investigators and he is pretty awesome. He said he would go to church and read the Book of Mormon so we’ve got some high hopes for this guy. He’s got a soft heart so its been easy talking and working with him.

Wednesday we found ourselves another less active to start teaching that hasn’t been to church in forever, and his wife actually is not a member of the church. We look forward to trying to help his family approximate themselves more to Christ!

Thursday we had to go to the other area because the other Elders had prepared 2 people to get baptized this week, and I had the privilege of doing the interviews. They were super ready! We took advantage that day and did a split with them, its good to learn from others!

Friday we had our district meeting and traveled and did some visits after.

Saturday we tried visiting a bunch of people with our ward mission leader, and let me tell ya, the guy really goes the extra mile with us! He’s great! We also visited with Jone and the young guy really wants to do what is right and he has a great heart! We are helping him the best we can.

Sunday we had a really special visit with a less active member who’s Husband is not a member and wants to investigate the church a little bit! Score! I can’t really tell the rest because I am out of time, but we had a great week!

Elder Buck

"Thank you to the members back at home for all of the notes and letters!"

"Thank you Aunt Viola for the yummy treats!"

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