Monday, January 25, 2016

Week 81 - January 25, 2016

...someone still likes to sing!!

We have had a great week, got some work done! So let me fill y’all in!

Monday: We went to a ton of houses that people wanted us to return to on our pday, so we walked "até o pó" and we ended up not teaching a single person... luckily we bought some quality things for our apartment and its looking pretty shnazzy now so... yeah.

Tuesday: Well we went out to a lunch appointment pretty far away and they talked to us about a niece they have who just recently got married. They said that they would refer them to us and then asked us to go with them to visit. The members are really coming around these days. It’s good to see the members get excited about the work! We also visited a woman who goes and preaches in other churches... we just try to help her the best we can. Later we visited a less active family that is in almost halfway reactivated (meaning two daughters are going now) so it is coming along. 

Wednesday: We went to Joinville for the entire day watched a worldwide missionary broadcast then missed our bus going home so we stayed in the Zone leaders house. They actually have an AC unit and it is the only one that exists in the entire mission (not including the staff at the mission home). I slept with it running. It was amazing. 

Thursday: We had something really exciting happen and it’s a secret :)

Friday: We had lunch out on the other side of the planet then we visited a few people and went home where I ended up feeling really sick. Elder Peterson got sick too not long after that so we ended up staying home for the night. It wasn’t pretty.

Saturday: We were both still sick so we decided to take that day off too.

Domingo: We went to church (recovered and well) and had our normal reunions and did some other visits and we talked with our recent reactivated member and he’s decided he is never going back to church because someone treated him badly at a service project or something. Also Jone's mom cut us off and doesn’t want us teaching her son anymore. It was just a crazy week …but it was good at the same time! Oh and I pet a random goat too!

That’s all! The church is true!!

Elder Buck

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