Monday, February 8, 2016

Week 83 - February 8, 2016

Got locked out of our house because I lost the keys on the bus 
(as always and with everything important). So we called a locksmith!

Just me and some cool Zone leaders (Elder Machin & Elder Azambuja)

Hey People!

So this week was super good and stuff, but I'll try to make this quick because I’m pretty much out of time now...

Well we got our transfer news this week and looks like I’ll be headed to a city called Concórdia, which is on the other side of the mission (8 hours away by bus). My new comp is going to be Elder Morales from Costa Rica and we will both be the AP/zone leaders (those are combined roles in our mission) so that should be pretty fun! This should also be my last area, and we are whitewashing too! It will definitely be interesting!

As for this area of São Francisco do Sul...I am going to miss it a lot! I love this area so much! Maybe the work was a little slower than the work in other areas, but I will miss the members and the families here a ton! It is really strange how you can get so attached to people in just four months. It is definitely three transfers I will not ever forget! I'm going to miss Elder Peterson...I think he might cry a little when I leave...but it will all be good! ;)

But the week went well and I’m doing really well! 

Elder Buck

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