Monday, February 22, 2016

Week 85 - February 22, 2016

 Me and Elder Morales

So this week was really really good, we basically just knocked on a ton of doors and walked until the dogs came home! hahaha

Monday: We looked for some houses around the city that the other elders had written down before me and Morales got there, and that list didn’t help very much! We are so lost in this city!

Tuesday: We had a lunch appointment on the other side of the planet and since the bus system here is super unorganized, we didn’t get home until like 3, and then we still had to travel 2 ½ hours for our interviews with president. We slept and the Zone Leaders house there, but Morales and me slept on the tile because there weren’t enough mattresses. It was a long night.

Wednesday: We had our interviews with president and he talked with us about a talk given by Elder Cook, and it went really well. During the interview with Elder Morales the President expressed some concerns he had about the area and the ward, but really helped us out with our questions and gave us some awesome direction. He’s really opened up a lot to the missionaries these past few months. He’s a great guy! After that we had to travel back to our area...we got home late.

Thursday: We went trackting hard core looking for some people to teach and seriously the people here are so much nicer than in my other areas it’s crazy! Its super nice to have people let you into their homes to sit down and talk!

Friday: Morales and I came up with our plan and decided we were just going to knock doors and find new people to teach (while in the process look for less actives in the same area). We talked to a lot of old people, but all were humble and nice, so it was all good!

Saturday: We sacrificed our whole day to knocking doors and it was good...

Domingo: We had a really strange lunch appointment with some members and then afterward we just knocked on more doors…

Interesting week eh?! Hahaha hope you all have a great week! Tchau!

Elder Buck
This arrived today with things EB didn't want to lug around anymore!

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