Monday, February 15, 2016

Week 84 - February 15, 2016

Elder Peterson and I, great kid!

Hey Y’all!

So this week was pretty nuts but Ill try to wrap up what happened...

So I was transferred to an area with my new companion (Elder Morales from Costa Rica) and the trip was pretty long! So I took a bus to Joinville from my last area (São Francisco) and slept in the apartment of the zone leaders Wednesday night. The next morning (Thursday) at 7:00 I had to get on a bus going to Blumenau where I’d meet up with Morales. We stayed there that whole day until 11:15 pm when Morales and I got on a bus going to our new area. We got to our new area at 6:30 in the morning where we took a taxi to get to the apartment here in Concórdia. It was exhausting, but we got inside and the house was a mess (surprise surprise) and it’s on the top floor of the tallest apartment building really close to the church. The apartment is really REALLY nice but poorly taken care of. It’s all good :) 

So Elder Morales and I are whitewashing, it’s fun! The chapel here could literally be a temple it’s so HUGE. 5 Floors... but only 30 people in attendance. It is way huge! The area is good and we are working (walking) hard to get to know the area a bit more hahaha. The temperature here is way cooler here than in São Francisco (thank goodness) so sleeping hasn’t been an issue for us!

As for the work, its really really slow but we are figuring out the city a bit here and look forward to the challenge ;) 

OH! The bishop here is one of the most humble guys I’ve probably ever met. The guy is way cool and excited to work! 

Elder Buck

View from the apartment

View from the front of the chapel

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