Monday, March 7, 2016

Week 87 - March 7, 2016

No pictures today...apparently the cord to the camera isn't working...


Morales and I are going hard in the paint here, but the work is still getting going....

Monday: Our appointments fell through and we were left to looking up houses of less active members.

Tuesday: We walked and walked and walked looking for houses of members and ex-investigators and it was a super rough day. hahaha

Wednesday: We had a 30-minute lunch appointment with the 1st counselor of the bishopric and after walked to an appointment we had marked with an investigator and that fell through. After we walked around trying to find less actives, we visited a less active member and his wife. We had a great lesson with them and they committed to go to church.

Thursday: We got to our lunch appointment at the Bishop’s house 40 minutes late because of the bus problems and all, but we had a great lunch. Afterward Bishop walked the 7 kilometers from his house to the chapel with us because his car broke. He was telling us how everything happened and how Satan is trying to get him off the right track, but Bishop said some really inspiring things, "Satan is trying to bother me and I’m not going to let him because I have responsibilities I need to take care of with God." The guy is super humble and just wants to help! I love this man!

Friday: Our lunch appointment fell through, and after we had planned to visit an investigator we have. We got to his house and he was home! We taught about prophets, authority, and Christ’s church. We had a great discussion! AH! Earlier that day we had our district meeting and mostly discussed the situations in the wards and with investigators. It went pretty well, because the two areas of our district are going through a lot of the same things.

Saturday: Our lunch appointment was fantastic! The member brought some friends over to eat with us and it was just really really good. They were already going to another church and didn’t have much interest in the LDS church, but it was good because this member caught the vision of what lunch appointments with missionaries could be! It was great!

Sunday: We had our fast and testimony meeting and it went really well! (Even with the spiritual experiences/visions of the members and what not...) We went home to drop off our jackets and stuff then walked to a neighborhood to teach some gospel. We had a couple of really good discussions and found ourselves a new investigator! It was a good day!

Hope I didn’t bore y’all to death...

Elder Buck

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