Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Week 4 - August 6, 2014


This week was really full of nothing - and sorry mom I have 15 min to write this letter so please do some editing haha.

Wed: We walked around Sao Paulo again and bought some stuff which is always a good time. When I stopped by Mr. Cheney's he told me I had a pizza party which meant 4 cookies, a large pizza and a 2 liter bottle of soda. haha Sick! The best part about this is that Elder Hunt had gotten 2 pizza parties form his mom so in total we had 3 large (cold) pizzas, 12 cookies, and 3, 2 liter bottles of soda that day... uh... Thanks mom! We got a new elder in our district and his name is Elder M. from Utah.... Very unique elder. We have all been in need of working on our patience lately so everything happens for a reason haha. He is in a trio with Elder Hunt and Elder Stevens.

Thursday: We had to take another trip to the police station which took precious time from our exercise which as a result did not make me happy at all.

Friday: Proselitismo! We took a public bus all the way to the guts of Sao Paulo and handed out Book of Mormons. It was an amazing experience. We handed out 8 Book of Mormons within 30 minutes of being out. These people are SO ready for the gospel. It was incredible to watch their faces light up when you said, "I have a present for you!" The culture here is so different. If anyone is seeking for joy, try missionary work. Its a beautiful thing :)

Saturday: Sorry, I really can't remember.

Sunday: Fast Sunday! We did a 24 hour fast and it was super cool. I just love Sundays here. they are the best. The devotional given was incredible too! (Sorry these entries are getting shorter, I am running low on time.)

Mondays:  Are no fun.

Tuesday: Elder Kagi and I taught our investigator about word of wisdom and he asked the question, "When did the commandment of no drinking strong drinks change from just a suggestion to a commandment?" Again we left him with no answer because I didn't know how to answer in English... Those moments are very humbling, but very good for building a testimony. That night we found out Elder Kagi would be leaving to his mission one day earlier than everyone else in our district because Elder Jeffrey R. Holland is going to be in his mission that day visiting all the missionaries... haha so cool. We also were told we have to move to a different dormitory today which was definitely not cool. The devotional that night was very cool.

"Don't let anything separate you from the love of Christ"

I loved hearing from you all, and know that I've felt your prayers!

Elder Buck

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