Monday, November 3, 2014

Week 17 - November 3, 2014

 Cookin' like nobody's business...

Our new friend...just take a look at your hand, it's just a little smaller than that...and it had a little special something attached to it's rear end too!

You know me, I just do what I want!

Well Halloween was Laaaame!

SO this week was good and not full of a whole lot of exciting experiences, but I guess I'll go ahead and fill y’all in a bit! And by the way my (2nd) favorite holiday passed and NOBODY here even celebrates it. So if you could imagine (while eating candy and having a jolly good time) I was thinking about everyone eating candy and having a jolly good time without me! Glad the parties and festivities continued without me. Haha

Cool Thing: We have ward activity every Tuesday night (as you probably already know...) and it was the best turnout we have ever had! we had a bunch of members there and investigators and everyone was having a good time. Finally. It feels good when the things you plan go as planned.

Interesting Character: ANDERSON. Elder Magalhães and I were walking down the street, just finishing up the day and on our way home (it’s about 9:00 at this point) and this guy on his bike pulls up and yells, "MORMONS!" I swear (well I don’t swear I’m a missionary…relax) the missionaries are drunk people magnets. We talk to so many people who are under the influence of drugs, alcohol (however that’s spelled), and other things it’s kinda ridiculous. But we had a very ignorant conversation with this guy and invited him to church but surprisingly he never showed up... haha so yeah that was weird.

Funny Thing: The same night we met Anderson, we were almost home, about 50 yards away from the street that leads to our house and we saw the other 2 Elders walking in the opposite direction towards us. They were about 100 yards away from the street that leads to our house. So my intelligent companion decided it would be really funny to turn on to our street then hide, then just at the right moment when they turn the corner, jump out and try to scare the two. Alright cool lets do it right?! So we hide. And when he sees their shadows he jumps out and lifts his arm like he is going to hit them or attack them, but the thing is.... it wasn’t the elders. It was a poor middle-aged woman just minding her own business, and if you could have seen the look on her face you could have cried. It was the funniest, saddest, thing that I think I have ever seen because she didn’t scream, she just took a big gasp of air and I don’t think she will ever be the same. I died! I’m not exactly sure any of that made sense so sorry.

Weekly Difficulty: Elder Magalhães and I had to go to the mission home earlier this week and a miracle happened. The bus we take everywhere costs about $4.50 (in reais) and the both of us had to pay this three times. Elder Magalhães had $20 and I had $2. But the thing is that we have a bus card we get from the mission home that has money on it but when we tried using it, it didn’t have any money on it. Well dang. We have to find a restaurant where we can we take the first bus straight to Florianópolis where we meet with Elder Gallegos in the mission home to fill out some paperwork and to meet with the doctor there. Elder Magalhães paid for my way there so now he is down to $11 and I’m still at $2. Luckily we found a place in Floripa where they feed the missionaries for free. We ate there. I have the Missionary debit card, which has $12.50 on it. So we decided to go find a bank and pull it out. But silly me, you can’t pull out less than $20.00 in cash from an ATM. Well shoot. So we take another bus from the center of Floripa to another area where elder has Physical therapy. We finish there and at this point Elder has $2.00 and I have $2.00 well our house is like a four hour walk from here... but we didn’t have to walk because we had faith! I was like, "Elder hold on I think I just might have some more money in my bag..." I look in my bag and its just change. Enough change. Exactly $5.00 worth. I kid you not I almost cried. So that was fun.

Spiritual Experience: Wow this is going to be short but a family of investigators we have who is really progressing finally gained a testimony of the Book of Mormon. And the mother of the family bore her testimony in church. BOOYAH. The Book is Blue and True my friends.

Oh and this next week I have an interview with the mission president and I’m supposed to teach him D&C 19. So if any of you would like to study that chapter this week and tell me what you think (via email...snail mail just wont cut it haha), that would be really awesome! Just any thoughts or parts you like, anything would be cool. I’d love to know what y’all think! The chapter is kinda intense so brace yourselves...

I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Elder Buck

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