Monday, February 23, 2015

Week 33 - February 23, 2015

The Americans in our Zone...

Oi! Esta semana fui muito normal e nada aconteceu na verdade.... è bem triste, mas vou tentar falar algo para vocês, porque sei que no momento eu não falo nada, minha mãe vai ficar muito chateada comigo...Então.

Cool Thing: Carlos and Darlen came to church with their 4 kids! I was so happy! Carlos and Darlen are investigators we have been teaching for the past 4 weeks and they are super ready to be baptized but just want to make sure the are making the right decision. 

Weekly Triumph: Totally gave a twenty-minute training for our whole Zone about daily planning. Killed it.

Weekly Difficulty: We had a family home evening with Carlos and Darlen and their family and with some other members, but the members burned the cake.... Hahaha actually it was kinda funny!

Spiritual Experience: The FHE With The family of Carlos and Darlen was incredible. The members gave the lesson about families and how they can live together forever! I guess this was a concern Darlen had for a long time even before taking the missionary lessons and she explained to us how she was feeling, and it was super cool! The Lord answers her prayers a lot but she’s just not realizing it. 

Scripture: Isaiah 2:2....after reading it, read about how Utah got its name and what it means. That was something I didn’t know! Mind=blown.

Have a great week!

Elder Buck
The face you make when it is as hot as it is...

What happens in the mission. You just die.

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